Saturday, 28 March 2015

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 ohhh this time  only poor donkey feel  alone working is most           painful .are you feeling the pain and emotion of donkey? 

  naughty monkey say in this pics this time we are not working 
                          we are just time passing and work be doneautomatically
and what views say about this pics./ 

when i capture the pic then  i think love is a best teacher ,friend and reformer  in the world . and what are youthing about the pic and my views.

we should support animals because they help each other without                                  any Utilitarianism

its our style for celebration .
and whats your style for celebration?

bulls say in this pic  we know how can  we achieve our 
target or success in short time with little effort .mans are justwaste of time

 because he not know what is team work..and what are you say about this.?

elephant say i m a big animal but celebration make me
cute for everyone . and i feel pleasure when someone
joining me for  celebration.
 and what are you say about this elephant.

          group or team we looking most beautiful and so beautiful .

and what views say about the beauty of penguins birds?

elephant say in this picture team work is not a work its just enjoyment . 
                              and this way we avoid the boring.
and what you say about elephant views. 

else. oh no which  reason i have no partner how help.
             please tell me why you sprite me from my partner ? 

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