Sunday, 22 July 2012

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Any animal can be dangerous at some point so it’s hard to determine the only one factor that would help us to define which animals are the most dangerous. I can consider even my own cat dangerous but in no way it can be compared to some beast like a bear. Today we’ll be speaking about mammals and in the next posts we’ll also research the most dangerous animals of other types as well as insects and will make a summary of the most dangerous animals in the world.

 Polar bear
 Puffer Fish close up
 Scorpion pic
 Shark pic
 africa-cape-buffalo pic
 black rhino pics
 blue-ringed-octopus pic
 crocodile pics
 dangerous jellyfish pic
 deadliest scorpion pic
 dragon pic
 hippo pic
 saltwatercrocodile pic
 spotted hyena pic
 stonefish pic
 tarantula pic
 tiger_snake pic
 toadfish pic
wolves pic

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